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Brief description of current and future projects are presented below.

Packages are released under the GNU General Public License GPLV3 as published by the Free Software Foundation unless otherwise noted.

Satellite Track and Read (STaR)

STaR graphical interface

STaR is a general satellite scheduling and antenna tracking program with modular motion control and signal processing for polar orbiting direct broadcasts.

Written in Python on Gnu/Linux, the package is capable of incorporating different motion control regimes by sharing a common rotor interface. STaR can also use independent Software Defined Radio (SDR) programs to process different satellite signals. Current modules used in STaR are described in sections below.

STaR is currently driving a "maker" rig with the PI314MCG and PI314LBM boxes, a flat multi-patch L-band RHCP antenna and can read NOAA-18,19, and METOP-A,B,C satellites for available sounder and AVHRR data. STaR also drives a maritime rig retrofitted for terrestrial use and reads the same set of satellites.

Recent satellite images can viewed here and the delivery is fully automated through scripts and GnuRadio,Terrenus HRPT/CoastWatch, SSEC/Polar2Grid , and ESA/AAPP platforms.

This project is beta operational ...


Metop QPSK constellation

The Metop project is ...

This project is beta operational... Using scripts:

- enhanced gnuradio METOP module
- AAPP and Polar2Grid processing



The NOAA project is ... This project is beta operational ...

- Enhanced GnuRadio NOAA gr-noaa signal module w/influences from and for signal display.

- Bash and Python scripts using:

 - Terrenus HRPT deframing and CoastWatch processing 
 - AAPP and Polar2Grid Processing


The PILB project ... This project is under development.


PI314MCG motion control box with Arduino, DFRobot RS485, Protoneer GRBL, and voltage distribution boards

The PI314 project ... This project is operational.


Prototype PI314RIG "maker" rig with flat panel multi-patch antenna (180 degree elevation range)
Bearing and motion hack for ~700 azimuth range

The PI314RIG project ... This project is under development. -- TODO: define "maker"